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Archive for January 10, 2013

A Meticulous Houston Home Builder

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New home builders in magnolia tx

Anyone that has been looking or has recently purchased land in Houston for the purpose of building a new home should get started with the building process as soon as possible. The prices are currently somewhat affordable making it a good time to act before both property and building costs go back up. There are many Houston home builders available for hire, so make sure to find one that is well respected throughout the community. A Houston custom home builder is encouraged for those that are looking to incorporate their ideas into the home of their dreams. People that already own a home and are looking for Houston remodeling services can likely find these offered by a Houston home builder as well.

When it comes to finding the right Houston home builder, much time will be needed to research each of the contractors throughout the city. The internet will assist you in gathering the most helpful information in a relatively short time frame so that you can move on to getting the work done. It is important to look out for experience levels and also customer satisfaction ratings so that you will not be choosing Houston home builders that do not always perform quality work. Compare prices and services on contractor websites so that you can get a good deal on the home you are looking to have constructed. Remember to act sooner than later, as the prices are currently much cheaper than they have been in years.

Patch Management Keeps Your Office Mobile

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Network inventory software

If you are interested in running a network that may have thousands of mobile users connected at once, then you need to know more about patch management and the place that it could have in your office. Business mobile users compose more than 30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in North America, and with more mobile users coming online than ever before, now is the time to look for the right iPhone management solution for a number of reasons. One of the most important for any business will be security needs, which every company will have, but which mobile users may be particularly vulnerable to.

Recent reports indicate that 50 percent of companies that have a BYOD model will require employees to cover the technological costs, which is easy to do considering the model involves bringing your own device to work. Your patch management will help to fill in the blanks when there are so many different users and models in your office and on your network, and when combined with the right iPhone security measures should make for a much safer and more efficient operation altogether. With patch management you will have options that will allow you to update the software on the phones on your network, which can be crucial if you would like to keep your users from being exposed to threats online. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surveyed over 1,000 consumers, and found that one in five will be bringing their new iPad to work or otherwise using it for business purposes.

Without the right patch management software in place, that could be a lot of potentially vulnerable devices on your network. Using the right patch management solutions could help you to take care of all of those new mobile device users while ensuring that your network is easy to reach, free to access, and compatible with many different devices and operating systems. Using methods that go beyond the standard AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm adopted by the government in 2001, patch management solutions give you more solutions and more options on how to handle your network and its security. Using authentication and encryption are both very important, but without your patch management system providing the right updates, it may not be enough. Companies can use encryption and authentication protocols with BYOD policies to ensure the compliance of their employees, but mobile device management fills in the blanks.