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Luthiers, Guitars and Guitar Players

Written by admin. Posted in Fender bass, Jazzmaster guitars, Prs guitars

Electric guitars for sale

The history of guitars goes back a long way, but the first electric guitar, designed by a luthier, is traced back to 1931. Luthier is what they call a guitar maker or someone who repairs guitars. The big band musicians fell in love with the electric guitars. Electric Fender Telecaster guitars soon became favorite guitars for musicians in 1954, when they first became available. Electric Fender Telecaster guitars are available and loved even today. Other favorites include the electric Fender Stratocaster guitars, the electric Fender Mustang guitars and the electric Fender Jazzmaster guitars. Guitar players are always on the lookout for Fender precision bass guitars for sale too. Along with the electric Fender Telecaster guitars, Fender tone king amps for sale are widely available too.

Gretsch guitars are also favored among well know guitar players. For instance, Chet Atkins endorsed the Gretsch Guitars in the 1950s. His endorsement of Gretsch allowed them to become contenders with Gibson and Fender. A famous guitar player got into an accident in 1948, in which he broke his arm. He asked the doctor to set it in a way that would be in a permanent position for him to play his guitar. That guitar player’s name is Les Paul.
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