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Archive for February 20, 2013

Facts About Fireproof Clothing

Written by admin. Posted in Arc wear, Fr coverall, Maintenance uniforms

Fireproof clothing

Fireproof clothing, such as an fr coverall, can be helpful in a number of circumstances. For instance, when working around fire or molten material, having and fr coverall or arc flash protective clothing can prevent unexpected injury. Fire resistant clothing should be warn along with normal protective gear.

Some of the fireproof arc rated clothing products offered include womens fire resistant clothing, shirts, pants, outerwear, overalls and accessories. The accessories include facemasks, bandanas, duffel bags, safety vests, face shields and hoods. The clothing is also available in a number of fabrics and fabric blends. Each one requires a different type of care in order to maintain its original quality.

The way fr coverall works is, when next to an ignitable source of heat, it is resistant to ignition, will prevent the spread of flame and will extinguish as soon as the source is removed. When using fireproof maintenance uniforms, it is important to remain cautious. Though the material is fireproof, the human body is not.

Fr coverall clothing is recommended for those working in fields that require constant exposure to flammable materials such as fire fighters, electricians and laboratory scientists.