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Where the Rochester Business Journal Came From and Other Facts

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Rochester, New York has come a long way from its original moniker of the “Young Lion of the West.” Originally developed just after the American Revolution, Rochester has gone through a rich and diverse history in the two centuries since its namesake officially purchased the land. From the Flour City to the Flower City and then to a state leader of industry, Rochester has plenty of corners still waiting to be discovered. Here are five quick facts you probably did not know about Rochester.

1. R-O-C is here to stay.

In 2007, the Placed Rated Almanac named the city of Rochester the sixth-best place to live in America. In addition, Rochester has twice been named of the friendliest cities in the United States by American Demographics magazine. Any Rochester direct resident or former resident can tell you why, although it might be partly because…

2. We have you covered.

Rochester has one daily newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, which was founded in 1870 from the merger of two different papers. For the business world, the Rochester Business Journal has been serving Rochester and surrounding areas in Monroe County for two decades now. The award-winning staff of the Rochester Business Journal covers the latest health care, technology and general business news in the greater Rochester area.

3. One word: Wegmans.

Any Wegmans rochester location is a good summation of why this particular supermarket has achieved somewhat of a cult following throughout the nation. First founded in Rochester in 1916, Wegmans Food Markets has also been the recipient of the No. 1 “Grocery Chain that Changed the Way We Shop” award at the first-ever Food Network ceremony for supermarkets. Along with the Rochester Business Journal and the Democrat and Chronicle, Wegmans is a crown jewel in the Rochester crown.

4. Malls, malls, malls.

The Marketplace Mall Rochester location offers a unique location within a two-mile radius from the three colleges Rochester has to offer. The University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology and Monroe Community College represent a student population of about 35,000, all of whom benefit from the proximity of this mall. Additionally, Rochester offers the Greece Ridge Mall and the Eastview Mall shopping centers.

5. Rochester yellow pages.

What else makes Rochester unique? Sure, the Rochester Business Journal is cool, and Wegmans is mythic and awesome. But Rochester is also the burial site of two prominent civil rights figures in American history: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, both of whom spent portions of their lives in the city. Rochester was also the first place to make marshmallows and the mustard that made the R.T. French Company so popular.

So now you have had your Rochester history lesson. What else is there left to do but visit? See the famous graves, read the Rochester Business Journal and visit our malls!

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