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Archive for June 13, 2012

Find API 650 Tank Construction Vendors for Your Application

Written by admin. Posted in Api 650 tank construction, Api tank construction, Tank repair companies

Most cities in the United States have above ground tanks for a variety of applications. Most of the industrial applications include storage for chemicals, gasoline, oil and water. These tanks are produced by manufacturers complying with api 650 tank construction. The api 650 tank construction standard covers the design, fabrication methods, materials and erection. It also includes the standards for the inspection of these tanks. The api 650 tank construction standard was produced by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The name of the standard is API 650 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage. There are other standards for designing, building and erecting tanks, but API 650 is the most common used. Fabrication companies need api 650 tank construction approval in order to bid and work on projects calling for this specification. Welded stainless or carbon steel tanks built to this specification come in several sizes. Additionally, api 650 tank construction facilities build these storage tanks to hold internal pressures of various degrees depending on the use.

There are several products designed and built by api 650 tank construction companies. Some tops include an umbrella roof, cone roof, open top, double deck floating, pontoon floating and other roof construction types. The foundations for the tanks also require api 650 tank construction techniques. In order to have a tank built, requesters must hire api 650 tank construction approved vendors. Other construction materials that need to comply with the API 650 specification include insulation around the tank, drain hoses for the roof, seals, coatings and more.

The Internet provides a good source for api 650 tank construction vendors. Always verify their API 650 approval, and the subcontractors they use. Ask to see previous work, and talk with other companies that used their services to verify the quality of their work. Once you find an api 650 tank construction service that you want to use, set up a consultation to get advice about the best design, construction and erection for your application.