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Archive for August 11, 2012

Using An Android Security Model For Your Company Is Important

Written by admin. Posted in Android device management, Android management

Android management

If you run a corporation that has well over a thousand employees that have all been outfitted with smartphones and other mobile devices that run off of Android security models must be initiated that are specifically dedicated to this operating system so that your IT team is able to better deal with everything that is going on within your network. While you might think that having an extensive IT team is a good solution for dealing with your network, imagine how much more effective they would be if you employed a software based Android security model for them to interface with. With skilled individuals for your company working side by side with an incorporated Android security model, you will have a whole lot less to worry about in terms of the integrity of your mobile network.

Your Android security model will need to be specific to the nature of your network in order for it to be effective. Because the Android operating system is open source, there could have been many modifications that have been made by your IT professionals in order to better suit the nature of your company and when you provide them with Android security model software, they can adapt it to meet these changes. Because the best Android security models have all the flexibility built into them, you will never have to worry about settling for a subpar security software package just because there are no better options out there.

Once you have found an appropriate Android security model for your company, you can turn it over to your IT manager and let them integrate it into the network. After your purchase, this will not take long and if all goes well; your new solution should be working for you the same day you purchase it. Once installed, you will see the benefits immediately.

With a functioning Android security model, your IT staff will now have exclusive access to all sorts of great things that they can use to control your network. They will be able to track and update phones with new versions of the operating system remotely. They can even wipe a phone that is lost.

Your security model will give your team eyes on every device at every minute. This is a feat that could never be accomplished without a software solution in place. Your network will be much more effective with this in place.