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Archive for September 15, 2012

Reefer Leasing Trailers

Written by admin. Posted in Leasing trailer, Trailer for rental, Trailer rental canada

Trailer rentals canada

Reefer leasing trailers are available for those truck owners who need a refrigerator trailer. Buying a refrigerator trailer can be expensive so many truck and trailer owner operators use the option of reefer leasing instead. In fact, leasing reefers is very common in the trucking world. Trucking companies that ship perishable goods need to transport those goods in a refrigerated trailer so as to prevent spoilage. Reefer trailers are available from leasing companies in Canada and in the U.S.

Reefer trailers are also used when transporting fresh produce from the farm to grocery stores. Meat and dairy products are also transported in refrigerated trailers as well as all other food products that can perish, such as frozen foods, etc. Reefer trailers are fully equipped with the refrigeration system that is set so that the produce and products inside can be kept at the proper temperatures while in transport.

Reefer leasing trailers can come in various lengths that range from 28 feet up to 57 feet. Today’s modern reefer leasing trailers provide air ride or spring ride suspension systems. You can lease trailers with doors that swing open or roll up. Inside reefer leasing trailers you will find recessed interior fluorescent lighting. Reefer leasing trailers are kept in excellent condition. If you use the right reefer leasing company you’ll get to enjoy other benefits than just the use of the refrigerated trailer. For instance, some reefer leasing companies provide 24 hour emergency road service and insurance for the reefers that is cost effective.

Reefer leasing companies offer both short term and long term leasing options. Another benefit to leasing refrigerated trailers is the one way reefer rental option. That way once you get your load delivered you can return the reefer leasing trailer to a local office. This is a fantastic benefit since you wouldn’t have to drive hundreds of miles to return the refrigerated trailer to the office where you rented or leased the trailer from. Leasing reefer trailers are also available for sale and you can find some excellent buys on used reefer leasing trailers when it comes time to invest in buying your own. You can find locations near you where you can find out more about reefer leasing. Using the internet makes arrangements to pick up your reefer trailer a lot more convenient these days too.

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