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Archive for December 3, 2012

Elk Hunting Ranches

Written by admin. Posted in Fishing resort, Hunting vacations, Trophy mule deer hunts

Hunting lodge

The 2012 hunting season brought about 139,111 hunting applications for big game hunts in New Mexico. The North American black bear is high on the list of big game hunters. Even though the North American black bear is one of the smallest and most common bear species in the U.S. it is still quite a prize for any big game hunter. There are black bear hunting guides that go out and help the hunter get their game when they go hunting on hunting ranches. Elk hunting ranches also proved guided elk hunts.

Some interesting facts about the black bear and the elk that you hunt can be learned during your hunting vacations. For instance, did you know that 85 percent of what the black bear eats is mostly vegetable matter? They eat young shoots and leaves off of trees and certain kinds of berries. The other 15 percent consists of insects and larvae. Elk hunting ranches provide interesting facts too. For instance, the female elk will prefer one male elk over another based on the way that they bugle. It doesn’t matter how loud the vocalization of the bull is, it is just the sound of it that can appeal to the female, who can hear the bugle from many miles away.

People can also run across wild turkeys when they go hunting on elk hunting ranches. They say that the American turkey was domesticated by the native people who were alive 2,000 years ago in Mesoamerica. Turkey hunting is also a popular sport in America, along with many other wild animals. When you register to hunt at elk hunting ranches you are also likely to see other game, such as mule deer, cougars and mountain lions. There are several popular elk hunting ranches in New Mexico. These elk hunting ranches are drawing all kinds of hunters from all across the United States.

Hunters need a permit to go hunting at one of the elk hunting ranches. Elk hunting ranches are on private land and when you hunt on one of the elk hunting ranches your elk is guaranteed. Elk hunting ranches can have as much as 320 bulls. Elk hunting ranches also take care of the dressing, butchering and transporting your elf for you at the end of the hunt.