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Archive for March 21, 2013

Exploring Rochester Blogs

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Blog rochester

If you are active on the Rochester blogosphere, you will see there are many blogs Rochester has to offer. Then again, some Rochester blogs are a little quirkier than others. Below are examples of how a blog Rochester offers can be endearing.

One type of blog rochester offers appeals to local history. This appeals to the strong sense of nostalgia many Rochestarians feel, and for what could have been. For instance, there is a blog Rochester offers covering the old Rochester subway. Running from the 1920s until 1956, Rochester at the time was the smallest city in the world to have a subway. The subway blog Rochester has today is filled with references of what the subway would look like today had it survived.

There is another blog Rochester offers that covers local culture. From food to parks to literature and other topics, these blogs show just how unique Rochester is. In fact, these blogs rochester offers bring the community together.

If you are searching for a blog Rochester offers, just go online. More likely than not, you will see many things that appeal to you. In fact, y;ou may even learn something about the broader community.