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Archive for September 10, 2013

Planning on Attending Dental School? Here are Four Things You Should Know

Written by admin. Posted in Dental ada, Dentist lifestyle

Dentist lifestyle

Did you know that, during the Middle Ages, it was a common custom in Germany to kiss a donkey in hopes of relieving a toothache? Dentistry has come a long way since then, and if you plan on going to dental school, you will find out about all the latest research and developments so that you are prepared to provide your patients with the best care possible. Not everyone knows what to expect from dental school and the work that occurs afterward, though, so here is your four point list of what to expect.

1. What is Dentistry?

When you study to become a dentist, you’re going to be doing more than just look at teeth. In fact, dentistry involves the entirety of the maxillofacial area and the oral cavities, as well as their impact on the rest of the body. Dentists study, prevent, diagnose, and t