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Archive for September 25, 2013

Do You Know the Best Places for Local Deals? Three Forum Suggestions

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Forum rochester

Did you know that for most parts of the year, there are public tours in Mount Hope Cemetery for $5 where, for two hours, you can learn all about the local history? There you can learn about famous Rochesterians of the past, including Rufus Sibley and Alexander Millener. This is one example of a local event you can find out by visiting Rochester NY forums. What else are people talking about there? Here are three of the hot topics for this week.

1. Thousands Ran Successfully in Rochester Marathon

The Rochester Marathon was held again this Sunday, with thousands of people participating. In the past ten years, the race has become one of the largest of the small city marathons in WNY. It was the firs

Find Debt Recovery Solutions Today!

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People with bad credit

Preventing bad debt is an ongoing headache for many businesses. Bad debt, uncollectable debt, and refusal to pay are unfortunate hassles that every business must face. The definition of bad debt is debt resulting from a credit sale that for whatever reason cannot be collected by the creditor. You never can tell who are the good customers vs bad customers until you have to send out multiple notices demanding payment. Doing so can be trying and time consuming work, which is why partnering with a business debt recovery agency can be a great way to find debt recovery solutions and get the money you are owed.

Some business owners are concerned about the cost of turning over bad debt to a collector. However, there are many debt recovery solutions available to businesses at different price points. For e