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Archive for September 29, 2013

Looking For Something to Do After School

Written by admin. Posted in After school program activities, Before and after school care programs, Summer camps

Karate schools for kids

Many people don’t know that karate was first developed in the Ryukyu Islands, which are now Okinawa, Japan. Karate is a martial art which is based on self defense, and preaches not causing harm for no reason. In fact, some people, when they achieve the highest achievements in karate, are not allowed to fight, as their fists are technically considered a deadly weapon.

To advance in karate, it is suggested that karate students start early. In the United States, the average karate class for children is between an hour and two hours. Karate is one of the best after school care activities, as after school karate programs have been shown to improve the symptoms of ADHD or ADD in a child.

To earn a higher belt in karate, students have to test in front of their instructors and show their skills. This is a