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Archive for October 20, 2013

Having Fun and Exploring Rochester, NY

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Rochester deals

If you are looking for the perfect local events in Rochester, NY, you do not have far to go. Whether you prefer to hang out outdoors, enjoy an elegant dining experience or just want to check out one of the many cultural attractions, you are assured of plenty of fun things to do in Rochester NY.

The downtown public market is a perfect example of the local flavor and culture. Open as a year round market, the Rochester NY public market has been serving the community since 1905. More recently, it was unanimously voted as the 2010 Americas Favorite Farmers Market. With all kinds of appeal, it has a huge variety of vendors and food choices that are off the beaten path. Any of the Rochester NY coupon packages will probably have some benefits for the public market. You will have to do a preliminary search to determin

Building Up Sales Through Recruiting

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Sales headhunter

When hiring sales representatives, a mere 10 percent will actually produce an ROI for your business. You may be able to improve those numbers using executive recruiting firms to help with your search. Sometimes it takes finding an effective head start for your business, to hire the best salespeople.

Larger numbers of sales pros can be found in almost every industry these days, but finding those with effective track records are not so easy to retain. In the U.S., over one third are going to miss their monthly quota and approximately 20 percent are not teachable. The gap widens as turnover runs at about 40 percent for sales teams. With those odds, it is easy to see how the best sales people can be difficult to find.

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