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Archive for November 8, 2013

How in Tune Are You to Your Industry?

Written by admin. Posted in Business radio x, How can i listen to the radio online, Listen fm radio online

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Work is stressful, and when you are the person in charge then it can feel like there are fewer ways to get around that stress. Forbes suggests that one way to reduce stress at work is to think of “big picture” concepts when you start to get bogged down so you can keep your work in perspective. Also, it is important to do things that you find interesting, because a direct correlation has been discovered between energy level, and the degree of interest in a particular task.

With the help of technology, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. If you need a little help focusing on that big picture, or keeping interested, try turning on the radio, or logging into a streaming radio website. You may discover three great reasons to listen to business radio talk shows.

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