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Doing Business Safer with the Best Intrusion Detection Software

Written by admin. Posted in Cyber security technology, Enterprise firewall reviews, Mobile security

Network intrusion detection software

Keeping the clients and investments of a business safe means protecting the data of an entire company. More so now than ever before, data is the most valuable asset that a company owns. In 2011 alone, the United States government spent $13 billion on efforts to protect information, and despite these efforts incidents of security breaches rose 16%. To ensure the protection of a company, information technology professionals must now rely on ever more dynamic means of data protection. Here are some of the most important traits to look for when seeking a network security company.

Malware is just the beginning.

In order to protect itself, a company must be able to identify potential threats. Malware comes in a variety of forms. These malicious software variants are spyware, adware, viruses,