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Some Common Problems With Washing Machines

Written by admin. Posted in Affordable appliance repair, Dryer repair atlanta, Kitchen appliance repair

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You know the old saying: “It’s all fun and games until your washing machine stops working.” A smooth-running, modern life is built on a foundation of smooth-running, modern appliances, and when one of those appliances stops working, it can really derail our day. Today we look at a few common problems with washing machines, as well as which ones might be easy fixes and which ones warrant a call to the almighty washer repair service.

  • The Basics.
    If you load up your clothes, pour in the soap, press the button, and nothing happens, postpone your panic attack and doublecheck some basics: Is the machine plugged into the wall? Is the power cord connected to the machine itself? If the machine turns on but no water comes in, check the hoses. Are they all connect