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Save Thousands of Dollars with Kitchen Refacing

Written by admin. Posted in Bathroom cabinets vancouver, Kitchen refacing, Kitchen renovations

Bathroom renovation vancouver

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most expensive home renovations. However,it is possible to update your kitchen and save money with kitchen refacing. The bathroom renovation Vancouver residents turn to offers kitchen refacing, and the kitchen cabinet refacing vancouver residents have counted on for years. For those who unfamiliar with kitchen refacing, and they want to save money, it would be in their best interests to find out.

Whether a homeowner is considering kitchen refacing or kitchen renovation, he should always take six months to plan the project properly. For instance, homeowners want to be certain that every decision is perfect. This will lower the chance that homeowners will change their minds mid project and decide they want the kitchen to adjoin with the family room; or that they want to retro fit existing cabinets rather than replace them. Also, they will want to be sure that they leave enough space between the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

A full scale kitchen renovation vancouver homeowners often invest in requires every part of a kitchen to be torn out. Thus, counters, cabinets and frames, and flooring will be completely stripped, and eventually replaced by new floors, counters, and cabinets. Obviously, these types of kitchen renovations are exhaustive and costly. On the other hand, kitchen refacing will save homeowners a lot of money, because the kitchen counters and cabinets remain intact, while the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new ones. Since kitchen refacing requires significantly less time and labor, homeowners inevitably save thousands of dollars. Yet, the end result of a kitchen refacing project can be equally effective as a full scale kitchen renovation.

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