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What is mobile device management

Written by admin. Posted in Desktop management, Mobile device security, Mobile workforce solutions

Enterprise mobility

Across the globe, there are more than 1 billion smartphone users. A survey of 1000 consumers conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it was found that one in five buyers of iPad will use the device for business. Those who do not have their own businesses, such as regular employees, they still bring their phones in the office. More and more companies therefore are adapting the Bring Your Own Devices policy. Companies discovered that allowing employees to bring their own devices makes them more productive. At the same time, it would not be prudent for any company not to embrace the trend because they would be less attractive to would be applicants. For their employees, not allowing them to bring their own devices in the office would affect their morale. The policy therefore is one thing that employers must accept and embrace. However, security is the biggest problem of companies that have BYOD policy. For example, the Configurator tool by Apple allows iOS users to configure up to 30 devices all at the same time. This can lead to breach of security, data theft and other security problems. The only way for companies to address all these problems would be to have mobile device management solutions. mobile device management solutions are offered by mobile device management companies or iPhone security and iPhone management companies. Now, to help you find a good mobile device management company, here are simple steps that can serve as your guide in finding the right company.

First, find a mobile device management company that has the best security features. The Advance Encryption Standard algorithm or AES, which is deemed unbreakable, is a data scrambling system that was adapted by the US government in 2001. You may not have the same encryption that are as secured but find one that offers encryption, password protection, remote monitoring, access, disabling and wipe out. Make sure that all these are included in the mobile device management solutions. What you have to remember is that mobile devices can be stolen or can be misplaced. You need a mobile device management solutions that addresses all these eventualities and their consequences.

Second, make sure that you choose a mobile device management solutions that is really a management solutions. This means it includes updates, patch management and other features that will enable you to manage your devices and configure them with your office computers and software. You need to make sure that the mobile device management therefore includes patch management software or solutions.

Third, make sure that the company that you will hire has good reviews and ratings. This is very important because this is the only way for you to make sure that the mobile device management solutions is effective. You should therefore read the reviews and compare them before you make your choice. And before you hire a company, ask them for a list of their other clients. Contact them and ask what they can say about the company.

How iPhone Security Tools Can Future Proof Your Business

Written by admin. Posted in Ipad management, Mobile device security, Mobile workforce

Patch management

30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in the united states are business clients and accounts. With iPhone security tools, you may be able to get the protection that your company needs to approach this new model that is currently sweeping the nation. More businesses are turning toward Byod policies, or Bring Your Own Device, as a way to capitalize on technology that employees already own. Research performed recently indicates that there are over 230 million mobile device owners within the United States over the age of 13, and that number is growing.

Your mobile device management solution may help you to address this growing demographic of users who have the technology and the proficiency to use it without jeopardizing your own security and the security of your company. With iPhone security tools in place, you may be able to incorporate patch management software into your network that can help you to keep all of the devices connected updated to the latest security measures, fixes, and patches. Your iPhone security provider can also give you great tools to make iphone management easier to automate for your IT staff and administration. This can involve enrolling new devices into the network for example, as well as changing passwords, remotely deleting information, and more. You can incorporate SaaS and on premise models with iPhone security measures, as well as find cross platform solutions that will give you the ability to protect phones on your network regardless of their operating system and model.

Patch management may be crucial to keep your network protected and the information on your servers safe, which is why you need to invest in an iPhone security solution that can really provide you with the strength and reliability that your business needs. MDM can help to reduce security risks and support costs by controlling how devices are configured, as well as the data on enrolled devices. For some businesses and industries, iPhone security can be crucial toward developing productive workplace policies that will protect information while allowing for greater usage of mobile devices within the information structure. With mobile app development projects predicted to outnumber native PC development by a ratio of four to one, according to, your interests should lie in iPhone security solutions that you can implement into your system right now so that you will be ready to take on the future of doing business.