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Question of the Day What is a Flow Meter?

Written by admin. Posted in In line flow meter, Thermal flow meter, Types of flow meters

How does an air flow meter work

I know you are just dying for me to answer the age old question, how does a flow meter work? Well, I was wondering the same exact thing, and after a little research, have the answer for you below!

First, what is a flow meter, and what does a flow meter measure?

A flow meter is something that measures fluid movement, such as the velocity of a gas or liquid, via flow indicators. A fluid flow meter or gas flow indicators can be used in manufacturing (as is the case with electromagnetic flow meters or thermal flow meters), or also with healthcare measurements (such as oxygen, blood flow, etc.).

So, how does a flow meter work?

The mechanics of flow meters and flow indicators vary according to type, of course, but the basic premise remains the same. For the