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Have You Been Prescribed a Strong Pain Medication?

Written by admin. Posted in Heroin effects, Heroin withdrawal, Opioid overdose

We live in a time when the same opioid drugs that are used to treat both moderate and severe pain may put some patients at risk of becoming victim of a dangerous addiction. Typically, when an opioid is used in a hospital setting and is closely monitored by a medical staff, the patient reaps the benefits of these drugs without suffering any consequences. Too frequently in the past, however, patients were prescribed more opioids than they needed and opioid use disorder becomes an issue.
The most effective pain treatment plant are an agreement between a patient and a health care provider. And while pain levels are unique to every person, it is also true that pain treatments vary depending on the existing condition.
Fentanyl and Other Narcotics Are Dangerous When They Are Abused
Fentanyl pills are just one of the narcotics that can provide effective pain relief, but an also put a patient

A Look At Addiction In The United States

Written by admin. Posted in Medication-assisted treatment, Opiod addiction, Recovery from opiod addiction

Unfortunately, drug addiction is more of a problem now than ever before, especially here in the United States. Opiod addiction in particular is raging through the country, impacting the lives of the young and the old alike. After all, addiction does not discriminate and just about anyone and everyone can fall pray to it, given the right circumstances.

Other kinds of addiction are also, of course, still prevalent. Alcoholism is one of them, something that many people battle with and struggle to overcome on a daily basis. The process of detoxing from alcohol can even prove dangerous, those this is relatively rare. For many people, alcohol is simply a pleasurable substance to enjoy every once in awhile. For other people, however, it can prove deadly and utterly destructive.

Fortunately, we know more about addiction than ever before – and we also have more means of treatment and recovery than ever as well. With the opiod crisis still in full swing, we have needed to take steps fo