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Choosing a digital filing system

Written by admin. Posted in Business card reader, Expense report software, Neatco

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According to the International Data Corporation, roughly 95 percent of business related info is on paper, and the average worker prints out about 45 sheets of paper per day. Price Waterhouse Cooper says that an average business makes about 19 copies of each document, spends 20 dollars in labor to file each document, 120 dollars in labor searching for misfiled documents, loses one out of every 20 documents, and spends about 25 dollars recreating each lost document. According to, an average office employee uses about 10 thousand sheets of paper every year. A recent survey of 500 IT decision makers by SandHill found that roughly 50 percent of respondents cited business agility as their primary reason for adopting cloud applications. Some estimates put the number of business documents that are copied, printed, or faxed annually in the United States at more than 1.019 trillion, according to InfoTrends.

If you want your company to avoid contributing to these staggering statistics, you should consider implementing a digital filing system. By using business card readers, laptop scanners, and other types of portable scanners, you can use a digital filing system at your business that helps you save a considerable amount on paper and office costs alone. There are some fantastic digital filing system models that you can base your own digital filing system around. Check out some digital filing system options on the world wide web today, and see how you can use the ideas and principles that those digital filing systems are based around to help you reduce your paper use, make greener choices, and save lots of money the whole year through. A little time spent investigating digital filing systems could save you a lot of money, so check them out today. See this reference for more:

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