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The Growing Industry of Urgent Care

Written by admin. Posted in Kent urgent care, Urgent care lynnwood wa, Urgent care renton

Urgent care renton

Seattle urgent care is a growing industry spawned by nothing short of tremendous need. The urgent care industry, which now employs approximately 129,043 employees,has now become a necessity, expanding into the Seattle urgent care business. Medical clinics Seattle aim to lessen the burden put on primary care physicians by treating illness and injury that is not inherently life threatening outside of the emergency room. Seattle urgent care treats a small portion of the estimated three million patients who visit an American urgent care center each week. A Seattle walk in clinic just as well provides the after hours coverage that has become a scarcity among primary care doctors. In fact, out of all primary care doctors nationwide, only 29 percent provide after hours coverage. Thus, Seattle urgent care is a much needed industry. However, it is not just Seattle that has seen a growth in urgent care. Washington urgent care is a rapidly expanding business fed by an extremely present need. Kirkland urgent care, Lynnwood walk in clinics and Everett urgent care all play a vital part in treating those in need outside of their primary care doctor. Though Seattle urgent care is such an important presence, it is not meant to replace a primary care physician. Seattle urgent care plays the part of lessening the workload carried by many doctors, which often hinders the ability to schedule appointments or give each patient the time they deserve. Seattle urgent care treats more minor afflictions, but it is always recommended that a patient follows up with their primary care doctor. Of course, this does not diminish the importance of Seattle urgent care. An asthmatic suffering a minor attack may require the need for a steroid inhaler, for example. They could find themselves wheezing in a hospital waiting room for hours before finally getting their treatment. Seattle urgent care aims to bridge that gap between emergency care and non life threatening issues, and provides a key component to the complex tapestry that is the American health system. Get more on this here.

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