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Archive for March 24, 2013

Giant Scalextric Events

Written by admin. Posted in Carnival stalls, F1 simulator, Giant scalextric

Giant scalextric

If you are planning for a future corporate event, it is important to provide some interactive entertainment for guests. There are several different types of entertainment ideas to go over, and there are a lot of resources to use online that are helpful for planning a future corporate event. In fact, there are companies specializing in providing different types of entertainment needs for people planning a party or a special event. For example, a Giant Scalextric is a type of event that involves getting behind the wheel of a racing car. The Giant scalextric event involves a race track that has a four or six lane track with tight corners.

This type of event usually involves a computerized lap counter to keep with racers on the rack. People compete in order to determine who can make the fastest lap. Teams can be assembled for team events as well. This type of event is perfect for networking and makes for a perfect after dinner entertainment event. Finding companies that are involved with Giant Scalextric events is easily accomplished online. One of the advantages that companies provide for Giant Scalextric events is custom tracks. Custom tracks are made to suit a customer’s space.

In addition to the Giant Scalextric events, people also can provide more entertainment at their event with carnival stalls or the F1 simulator. Inflatable games are another option people have for their corporate event or special party. Information about leisure hire and Giant games are easily discovered by using the resources that are available on the web. Giant Scalextric events and other types of corporate party solutions are perfect for team building. Some events are tailor made for holidays or the seasons. Competing in a friendly environment is a way to build strong relationships with coworkers and other people.