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Archive for April 8, 2013

How Mobile Health Tools Help Medical Professionals Succeed

Written by admin. Posted in Medical charge capture, Secure instant messaging, Secure text

Medical text messaging

Within the field of mobile medical apps one of the most crucial aspects of development is offering communication between physicians that is compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Whether you are looking for database virtualization, mobile health applications that provide communication, or secure text messaging in healthcare, you need to stay mindful of HIPAA guidelines so that you can ensure your firm is always compliant with its rules. Mobile health programs that are compliant with these guidelines are important for doctors and medical professionals that want to get the most out of technology.

Health 2.0 is defined as using software and mobile tools to increase collaboration and disseminate information between care providers, their patients, and other involved parties. With the right mobile health programs doctors can save a tremendous amount of time. A study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund showed that as early as the late 1990s, Danish doctors could save about 30 minutes each day by using electronic tools to prescribe drugs and order lab reports.

Mobile health tools that are unsecured, however, can cause serious issues for patient confidentiality. Some examples of ePHI threats in BYOD implementation models include the loss of a mobile device, improper device disposal, or interception of a transmission by an unauthorized person. Individual health care providers must find their own conclusions in regards to the safety of texting and other mobile medical tools. Through safe, certified use of medical applications, doctors can provide a better quality of care for patients that rely on them.