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Archive for April 23, 2013

Stylish Pink Camouflage For Women

Written by admin. Posted in Camo, Camo baby bedding, Camouflage bedding


The conventional military camouflage that is so readily seen today was created by the French during World War I. Aside from these patterns that are used to help people blend in with their surroundings, there is also camouflage out there that is strictly for decorative purposes. Women that like the patterns seen with theses type of clothing can find various pieces of pink camouflage that can be worn casually at any time. Along with pink camouflage for women, there are also camo baby bedding and camo truck accessories to facilitate a number of different purposes. Individuals of all ages that just like the design that comes with camo can pick up a variety of outfits that range in color and style. Appreciate camo for not just blending in, but also for its decorative side as well.

In most cases, camouflage is utilized by soldiers, vehicles, hunters, animals and more to assist in blending in with the environment. There is everything from woodland camouflage to that which is white, grey and black to help people blend in with the snow. These types are typically used for hunting or combat, whereas the pink camouflage that caters to women is strictly for style. Along with pink camouflage clothing, women can also purchase camo purses to go with a number of different outfits in their wardrobe. Have fun with camouflage and purchase all sorts of camo clothing and accessories.

Did you know that military camo was sparked by the increased range of firearms during the 19th century? Distance was no longer enough to stay hidden from your enemies so camouflage was designed to help people near and far blend in better. Two different Napoleonic War units from the British army were the very first to adopt the rifle green camouflage jacket. As you can see, the invention of camouflage was for military purposes and it was not until later that pink camouflage and that which is decorative came about.

Most camouflage patterns have been designed to match various terrains such as snow, woodlands and desert environments. However, those that are looking for pink camouflage or those for style purposes are encouraged to use the internet and browse the endless display of items on the market. Individuals that simply like the appearance of the camouflage pattern can choose from a wide selection of clothing and other accessories to wear casually, dress their babies with, or proudly sport on their trucks.
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