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Archive for June 23, 2013

Edible Blossoms and Exotic Foods

Written by admin. Posted in Edible flowers, Micro greens, Specialty produce

Candied flowers

Have you ever had an exotic dish made of edible blossoms? If not, you might like to try one. The following facts about flowers you can eat may be of interest to you too. Perhaps you already knew this, but some flowers are an option often used to flavor herbal teas and to add color to various foods. Certain edible blossoms are put in some cocktail drinks for garnishments too. You can even put edible flowers in ice cube trays and then use these pretty ice cubes in your drinks. Then there is the fact that candied violets are available today, but only a few confectioners make them to sell. If you want to make your own candied flowers, you can do that too. The instructions for such a culinary endeavor are available online. D

Learn How to Keep Your Employees Longer with Better Talent Retention

Written by admin. Posted in Call center employee retention, Employee retention, Employee retention software

Employee retention software

After you hire your best employees, you will want to keep them. High turnover at a company costs the owners money, time, and productivity. So it is better to hire and retain good employees instead of always looking for new ones. So how do you keep your best employees? Follow these talent retention strategies to maintain your employees longer. The benefits of employee retention are you get to keep your best employees, and they will help your company excel. Another benefit is that your time will not be wasted advertising for new employees when you should be focusing on your business. Also, you will make more money because you can trust your top employees to do the job right every day.

Employees love benefits, and if you offer benefits that fit the needs of your employees, they will tend to stay wit