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Archive for July 8, 2013

How Hiring A Moving Company Took the Stress Away

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I was recently married. So far it has been an exciting and often challenging adventure. We’ve had to worry about planning, thank you cards, dresses, and now learning to live with each other. I think so far the most challenging aspect of our newlywed life has been moving away from our friends and family so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a marine biologist. Of course, there was absolutely no way I could say no. As a nurse it is not as though I will be hurting for a job any place I go. Plus, I am not the kind to stand in the way of dreams.

Anyhow, we were based in Atlanta and moving to the coast of Maine, near Acadia State Park. It is a long drive between here and there which is why we decided to hire some long distance Continue Reading 5 Comments

Camouflage is all the Rage

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Camo wrap

The word camouflage is derived from the french word camouler, which means to veil or blind. Camouflage is used by animals everyday in the wilderness as a means of survival. The military forces have also come to use camouflage as a means of survival on the battle field.

Camouflage in animals has been studied by zoologists for well over a century. A Zebras stripes are actually a form of camouflage because they blur the animals outline when moving. Many animals can actually change color based on their surroundings or what season it is. Evolution can change the color of a species over a period of time if the color of their surroundings change over time. During the industrial revolution in America, a spe