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Archive for July 28, 2013

If You Want To Be Seen This Season, Don Some Camo Couture

Written by admin. Posted in Camo crib bedding, Camo formal, Camouflage

Camo wedding

Bill Tristram and his wife Isold were high school sweethearts. “We knew early on the we wanted to be married,” said Tristram. Tristram enlisted in the Marines right out of high school, and when he returned from his first tour, his girlfriend was there waiting for him. “He walked out of the terminal, wearing his camouflage fatigues, and dropped to one knee right there,” she said, smiling. “I came up with the big wedding idea on the way home, and he was all for it.” Isold’s idea was to have a camo wedding. “He was in the Marines. I’ve been hunting since I was a little girl, so we decided to make it the theme of the wedding,” she said. “The groomsmen had camo ties and vests. The bridesmaids had camo shawls and camouflage purses. I had a full on camo wedding dress made,” she said.

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