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Archive for August 14, 2013

Need Cash Now? Try an Heir Advancement!

Written by admin. Posted in Probating an estate, Sale of inherited real estate, Sellling real estate in probate

Probate problems

Times are hard nowadays, and it can be virtually impossible to put any money away. This is why an unexpected cost can be extremely stressful. Maybe your car breaks down or maybe a family member has a sudden and serious illness. You need money to cover these expenses, but it seems like there is not a single short term loan to trust.

Although there are loan sharks out there whose loans to trust you are not, there are other options that can help you.

You see, probate is to prove a will through court. A probate also officially appoints the a personal representative, which is called an executor who is generally named in the will, as having legal power to dispose of the assets of the testator in the manner that is specified in the will, which is called the receipt of probate.

The receipt involves the resoluti

Three Ways to Beat Your Bloggers Block!

Written by admin. Posted in Blogger news, Bloggers, Finding blogs

There comes a time when we bloggers hit a wall. This wall is a little thing called writers block, and the best way to beat it is to smash right through it. How though? How can writing beat it when it is keeping me from writing and blogging in the first place?

Have no fear. The trick is to get yourself going, which in and of itself can feel like an insurmountably difficult task, but it is not impossible. Difficult, but not impossible.

Here are three little tricks that I use to smash my head through writers block when I have to deal with it.

1. Tell me about your grade school lunches.

This might seem like a really dumb thing to write about, but it is easy. Remember how a lot of kids had those plastic lunch bags with cartoon characters while you might have had one of those big plastic boxes or maybe even a brown paper bag? Remember how everyone made fun of you for having tuna and not peanut butter and fluff? Remember what that felt like? Write about it!

Maybe bl