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Archive for August 27, 2013

An ER Alternative

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Urgent care ballard

Since the first urgent care facilities appeared in the 1970s, their popularity has skyrocketed. Today, more than 10,000 centers are available across the country providing urgent medical care to patients in thousands of communities. Though an estimated three million patients visit a 24 hr urgent care facility every week in the U.S. and the revenue of such facilities totals $14 billion, they are still looking to expand their influence. It’s not because of greed or business. It’s a way to provide better care to patients in all kinds of facilities.

What is an Urgent Care Facility?

Urgent care centers provide medical service for conditions that are not life threatening or serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, but that require timely attention. They are staffed by medical profess

Moving Companies In Spokane WA

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Movers spokane

One of the biggest parts of moving is finding good reliable moving companies to help you with the process. Local movers in Sponake are available to fit these requirements for you. Being able to move with ease and efficiency is something that every person hopes to be able to do when making a big move.

When hiring a moving company, there are different traits and qualities you want to look for before officially hiring them for the job. Are your local movers licensed and trained professionals? While this may seem like a silly question, it is actually an important one. There are moving companies out there that are scam artists, and not out there to help you! Always be sure to check the qualifications of pote