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Archive for September 4, 2013

Emergency Rooms are Too Crowded, Learn How You Can Help

Written by admin. Posted in After hours urgent care, Local urgent care, Oceanside urgent care

Health care facilities

Did you know that, each year, people make at least 110 million separate trips to the ER? The emergency room is aptly named, and it is intended for emergencies only. More and more people are abusing the system, and going to the ER when traditional doctors’ offices are closed, or have limited appointments. Urgent health care centers are one of several emergency room alternatives. Why should you skip the emergency room, and seek urgent care?

Twenty Four Hour Care

Most urgent care centers offer hours all day, and all night. Urgent care facilities that cannot stay open 24 hours a day still offer late night hours, and are likely to be open on holidays and weekends. Continue Reading 3 Comments

Staying Safe on the Most Dangerous Job

Written by admin. Posted in Atlas fit gloves, E-a-r ear plugs, High visibility jacket

Bullard hard hat

Traffic safety supplies are essential to the protection of those engaged in one of America’s most dangerous professions. A number of injuries are possible and common for construction workers, which hardly comes as a surprise given their proximity to heavy machinery, traffic, and heights. Though there are many safeguards in place on construction sites that protect workers from injury and fatality, nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with the right equipment.

High Visibility Jackets

High visibility jackets are one of the most obvious types of traffic safety apparel in more ways than one. They make workers apparent to drive