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Archive for September 23, 2013

Coolio The Elder Statesman of Rap?

Written by admin. Posted in Coolio albums, Coolio songs

Coolio albums

When people think of Coolio rapper is the word which most likely comes to mind. But if people were to try to define Coolio rapper is not the only word that would describe his versatility. Coolio wikipedia articles can tell you that he is a man of many talents. Coolio songs are probably what are most familiar to people who hear that name, but the Coolio movies also reveal that the man is a actor, musician and record producer.

Coolio is also a prolific philantropist who has used the sale of Coolio albums to promote awareness on historically black college campuses about the threat of global warming. That is the concept behind his group Environmental Justice and Climate Change. His films are probably not so familiar to a general audience, though he has made