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Do You Know the Best Places for Local Deals? Three Forum Suggestions

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Forum rochester

Did you know that for most parts of the year, there are public tours in Mount Hope Cemetery for $5 where, for two hours, you can learn all about the local history? There you can learn about famous Rochesterians of the past, including Rufus Sibley and Alexander Millener. This is one example of a local event you can find out by visiting Rochester NY forums. What else are people talking about there? Here are three of the hot topics for this week.

1. Thousands Ran Successfully in Rochester Marathon

The Rochester Marathon was held again this Sunday, with thousands of people participating. In the past ten years, the race has become one of the largest of the small city marathons in WNY. It was the first marathon in Rochester to occur since the marathon bombings in Boston, and not surprisingly, extra security precautions were taken, with police officers at multiple checkpoints throughout the race.

2. How to Get Local Deals

It seems like one popular topic on the forums is always about how to pay less for what you already want. Seems like a good topic to look into! One suggestion that comes up several times is Groupon. Right now, Groupon has a lot of deals for local services including restaurants and massages that might be up your alley. Another route might be the Rochester Public Market, where food is often given away for super cheap at the end of the day. The forums Rochester make note of which vendors are especially generous.

3. Popular for Pets

Looking for that perfect black pug puppy, but don’t want to pay $800? The forums can often connect you to other pet owners in Rochester who are looking for new owners for their pets. These are often people who want to know their dogs and cats are being left in a loving environment, rather than a pound. Because these pets are often a bit older and given away when people need to work more or plan on moving, you not only get pets who are already house trained and caught up on vet appointments, but they cost significantly less than the pet store. It’s a win on all sides!

What have you found on forums Rochester? Let us know in the comments

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