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Three Twitter Tips for Establishing Your “Brand”

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Are you interested in learning how to social network more effectively? If you use Twitter, it can be an ongoing process to engage more fully with your followers and generate fun and informative interactions with people, all while further establishing your brand or public persona. Here are some Twitter tips and tricks to keep in mind which may help bolster your reputation on social media.

Short and Sweet

As the 140 character limit would suggest, when it comes to Twitter, the more concise you can be and still get your point across, the more effective your tweets will be. Do you have timely, witty one liners? Do you have a funny Vine video clip to share? Go for it! If your content is too wordy or contains too much text without much else, users may be more likely to gloss over it. This leads to the next tip.

Spice Up your Links With Other Content

Whether you decide to reinforce your tweet with a corresponding link or illustrate your point with a TwitPic, your tweets will be all the more interesting for it. Doing this will also demonstrate your authority on the subjects you regularly tweet about.

Start a Conversation

Twitter can be a great way to get a public discussion started about a certain topic or opinion. Use this to your advantage by “mentioning” specific Twitter users whom you’d like to hear from about a specific subject. Ask people questions and respond to their specific Tweets. You may want to use hashtags to emphasize a certain point, or to link your tweet to a trending discussion or event on Twitter. Through hashtags you can get more Twitter users to see your posts, even if they’re not following you yet.

Marketing your “brand” effectively doesn’t get much easier or more accessible than this. You can really solidify your distinctive identity via your Twitter profile. What do you have a particular passion for? In what area do you have special expertise? Is there a specific product or service you are either offering or are knowledgeable about? Get the word out and establish your niche online.

If you have questions or comments, or you have advanced Twitter tips you’re eager to share, don’t hesitate. See the forum below and make your thoughts known.

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  • Randy Hardy


    I’ve just started using Twitter, and I’d really like to start building an audience. How do I get things in motion?


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