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Taking A Look At Methods To Prevent Serious Injury And Death In The Construction Industry And Beyond

Written by admin. Posted in Acorn nuts, Grade 100 steel chain slings, Sliding choker wire rope slings

A safe workplace is likely to be an efficient workplace, and cultivating a safe workplace is a matter of great importance in many industries all throughout the country. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that this can be done, from the use of single leg slings and self locking slings to the use of tools like safety straps and stainless steel cable railing fittings. And while certainly the potential for injury is common throughout many different and varied industries in this country and, on a large scale, all throughout the world, it is the industry of the construction that arguably poses the greatest and most immense risk to its workers.

For instance, a construction worker must have the proper apparel if they hope to stay safe while they are on the job. For many, this will include ear plugs for hearing protection, as decibels at any given construction side can all too easily exceed the number that is considered to be within the safe range. If construction workers choose not to wear ear plugs when exposed to these high decibels, they likely set themselves up for hearing loss and all that goes along with it in their later years and as they are more frequently exposed to high frequency sounds.

In addition to this, proper footwear is a matter of great important as well. Steel toed boots are popular, as they can heartily protect the feet of construction workers, who run a much higher risk than the average person of coming into contact with materials that can be dangerous if the feet are not protected. These shoes should also provide a great deal of support as well, as the typical construction worker is likely to take up to thirty thousand steps in a single day. To put this in perspective, the average person who is not involved in construction work will only take about ten thousand steps in this same span of time.

Reflective vests can also be hugely useful in construction work, particularly when construction workers are working on roads. Reflective vests and other types of reflective clothing can be incredibly helpful for the purposes of alerting cars to their presence, something that is likely to become particularly important in poor weather conditions in which visibility is likely to be reduced both on the behalf of the construction worker as well as on the part of those who are in their cars and driving through the construction site in question.

But at the end of the day, it is falls that kill construction workers more commonly than just about anything else, according to data that has recently been gathered on the subject. Fall protection is necessary, and can incorporate everything from wire railing parts to stainless steel cable railing fittings and adjustable alloy steel chain slings. Unfortunately, the use of stainless steel cable railing fittings and the like are not what they should be and not nearly as widespread as necessary, marking one of the most common OSHA violations out there, especially in the industry of construction all throughout the United States.

But the use of stainless steel cable railing fittings and the like don’t just need to be used in fields of construction and at construction sites. Actually, these stainless steel cable railing fittings can also be used in the homes of the elderly, who are far much more prone to suffering a fall than the rest of the general population. In fact, the fall risk for the typical elderly person – someone who is at or over the age of sixty five – is so great that each and every three elderly people, one will suffer a fall, often a very serious one. By the time that each and every year draws to a close, more than one million people will have suffered a fall on a stairway, typically one in their home, alone, let alone falls that can be traced back to other parts of the home.

There’s no doubt that stainless steel cable railing fittings are quite important for many people.

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