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What to Pay Attention to When Talking With a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Columbus

Written by admin. Posted in Bankruptcy attorney in columbus, Bankruptcy lawyer in columbus

Bankruptcy attorney in columbus

If bankruptcy has arrived at your doorstep and you have no choice but to file and hopefully start over new with a fresh financial perspective and a clean slate or one with a clearer set of bills to pay, a bankruptcy lawyer in Columbus is definitely of vital assistance. When choosing a bankruptcy lawyer in columbus, though, you will need to first visit this professional in his office setting. Resist any temptation you have to think only about yourself in this financial situation and instead pay some more attention to him during this meeting. It could send up red flags or could give you more comfort to know the right bankruptcy attorney in Columbus has been selected.

During this initial meeting, the bankruptcy lawyer in Columbus will decide whether he wants to take on your case at about the same exact time that you are deciding whether you like him enough to use him to represent you. You are essentially interviewing each other, so pay as close attention as you potentially can to his mannerisms and his professionalism. Does it look like he’s carefully listening to you? Is he trailing off, looking out the window as you talk? Does he constantly answer the phone or check email or his smartphone when you are talking? Ditch the bankruptcy lawyer in Columbus if this keeps happening, since it could mean he will pay you just as much attention after you have hired him. He is vying for your business, however financially difficult it might be, but he must care truly about what you are telling him.

During your visit with a bankruptcy lawyer in columbus, look around the office too, taking glances of the degrees he has attained and of the general decor he has. If there are lots of pictures of him playing golf, he may spend most of his time doing that and may not care all that much about you as a client. If there are papers scattered everywhere and nothing seems to have any order about it, strongly consider whether this lawyer is right for you. You want someone organized and who will not need to shuffle through piles of paper to get to your case. The cleaner and more professionally organized his office is, including the waiting area and the receptionist’s desk space, the more you can think this bankruptcy lawyer in columbus will represent himself professionally when representing you as a bankruptcy client.