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What Can Happen if the US Defaults? Three Updates to the Shutdown

Written by admin. Posted in Fox business radio, Listen to radio stations online, Music business radio

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Did you know that Zhu Guangyao, vice-finance minister of China, has warned the U.S. that its government shutdown and potential default are threatening the value of China’s U.S. investments? As the shutdown enters its second week, stork markets continue to react as foreign countries voice their concerns that a default for the U.S. could send shock waves throughout the global market. Are you interested in business radio online news? Here are three important radio updates about the government shutdown that you should be aware of.

President Will Not Negotiate

According to live business news online, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling has said that the president is not opening to negotiating on the debt ceiling because of the detrimental precedent it can set: that threat