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Consider Self Storage Pods For Cross Country Moving Storage

Written by admin. Posted in Long distance movers, Long distance moving companies, Moving and storage

Military move

If you are making a cross country move, a long distance move, or a military move, storage is one thing you need to consider. One storage option is pods.

Pods storage are portable self storage units. They range in size from eight by seven by seven feet to eight by eight by sixteen feet. They are often made of steel panels.

To avoid transporting more than necessary get rid of unnecessary items. Not only will this lighten your load, but it will reduce moving pods costs. In order to get an accurate moving and storage estimate, the moving company must be able to see all furniture and goods that they will be transporting. An online calculator can also

Packing Pods Effectively

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Once all the decisions have been made, there lies but one tiny obstacle to the moving process. Packing. So maybe “tiny” isn’t the right word. Maybe more like “humongous.” Though the planning process alone is enough to send most movers into fits of anxiety, the process of packing is even worse. It comes as little surprise that especially for long distance movers, pods have become a number one choice for the packing process. Instead of having to load every last item from your home onto a truck the morning of your big move, pods allow movers to gradually transfer items into a storage unit that can be picked up on the morning of the big day with muc