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The Perfect Destination for Spending Summer Vacation on the Beach

Written by admin. Posted in Duck nc vacation rentals, House rentals outer banks, North carolina rentals

Duck nc vacation rentals

Spending your summer vacations in Outer Banks house rentals gives one the opportunity to see wild ponies that are still in the area. These ponies are what are left of the Spanish Mustangs that brought over from on ships back in the 16th Century. They still roam the Outer Banks today. Official record keeping of ships that sunk in the waters of the Outer Banks date back in 1526. There are over 1,000 ships that lay at the bottom of the North Carolina coast. Over 600 of them are either Civil War Ships, World War Two ships, some of which are submarines or pirate ships.

Scuba divers from all over the world come to this Graveyard of the Atlantic to go exploring under the waters to look at all the ships that have sunk. Many people are looking for underwater treasures in these underwater ruins. Some modern day watercraft have also become shipwrecked off the Carolina Coast. Of course, you can learn all about the history here when you stay in OBX rentals. There is one story of particular interest. It involves the first child ever born in the New World. Her name was Virginia Dare. She was born at Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island in 1587.

Outer Banks house rentals are the perfect destination for anyone who loves spending time by the ocean. Complete with all the amenities one can expect while on vacation, OBX vacation rentals are sure to please. Try out the different Outer banks rentals each time you come. Look for Nags head vacation rentals, and Corolla NC rentals, along with all the outer available Outer Banks house rentals today. Helpful links.