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Is Social Media Marketing Dangerous?

Written by admin. Posted in Outsource social media, Resell social media

What exactly is white label social media? Well, the term comes from the two differing schools of practice in online marketing. There are white label social media firms and there are black label social media firms.

I am going to lay out the difference between the two ways of conducting business for you, because if you are aiming to resell social media marketing services, not knowing the difference could potentially be seriously dangerous. Once you become a social media reseller, you run the risk of having your website banned from Google.

A black label social media program uses rather dishonest tactics in order to promote your brand. You will see more effective results in a shorter amount of time, but you run the risk of completely tarnishing your brand image as well as having any sort of search engine ranking, which is the ultimate goal of reselling social media.

Black label social media resellers will stop a