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How ISO Training and Others are Transforming the Food Handling Industry

Written by admin. Posted in Cmmi certification, Haccp plan, Iso 9000 certification


The food safety systems certification was originally created to help regulate food manufacturers processing animal or perishable products, items with long shelf lives, and nonfood items that have food based ingredients like supplements and vitamins. This food safety certification has helped improve food processes to keep people safer from salmonella bacteria, named after Dr. Daniel E. Salmon and known for causing illness for more than a century; and listeriosis, an infection that is bacterial and that happens mostly to pregnant woman, newborns, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are compromised. It represents but one of many segments of process training, though.

For instance, there is the BRC certification, developed in 2009 by the organization through its collaboration with the Retail Industry Leaders Association, or RILA. Through it, standards are encouraged to help streamline processes, keep employees safe, and keep consumers happy. The standard helped pave the way too for the global standard for Consumer Products North America edition. Haccp certification training is another strong area. HACCP certification, which stands for hazard analysis and critical control point, basically does what the name implies. Through HACCP training, food handlers are verifying that they use the safest and most possibly effective practices at work.

ISO training is another area that is leading the charge in developing stronger and more effective standards. This includes standards in both the food industry and elsewhere. Through ISO training, stronger adherence to proven practices can exist. And with ISO training, companies remain up to code.
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