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Archive for May 15, 2013

Who Doesn’t Love Washing Their Hands?

Written by admin. Posted in Food safety and hygiene, Keeping it clean, Kitchen safety and sanitation

Food handling certificate

When you are looking at your kitchen sanitation checklist, one of the first things you should make sure is on there is FIFO. Most restaurants have adopted this acronym meaning, First In First Out, because it helps keep all the food that is being served fresh and never expired. Of course, if you do not keep perishable foods under forty degrees Fahrenheit FIFO will not matter because of the dangers of multiplying bacteria. When you familiarize yourself with food preparation safety you will be able to make sure that the ingredients you are using are completely safe for the people who are consuming your dishes.

It is a smart idea for restaurant owners to require their employees to take a kitchen safety and sanitation course. If you do they might learn that food borne illnesses are especially prevalent in young children and senior citizens. Also pregnant women and anyone with an immune compromised system can be at a higher risk. When you teach food preparation safety properly your restaurant employees can learn about how to be safer with food while working.

Health inspectors, who have a food protection certificate and have learned about food safety and sanitation, are trained to make sure that a restaurant is up to code in every category. The rules can vary slightly, but for the most part each restaurant teaches the same food preparation safety guidelines. Teaching food handling safety to your employees is crucial for your restaurant.

Restaurant food preparation safety important because people in the US spent about two thousand eating at restaurants in 2011. By making hand washing a mandatory part of food preparation safety in your restaurant you can help to ensure that problems will not come out of your kitchen. Taking basic measures to keep a handle on these issues is important for all restaurant owners. Find more on this topic here.