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Archive for May 20, 2013

Want to Plan a Memorable Event? Adding a Photo Booth is a Great Option

Written by admin. Posted in Photo booth rental for weddings, Rent a photo booth

San diego photo booth rental

In 1861, British physicist James Maxwell took the first color photograph. Later, in 1888, Kodak became the first company to make cameras for sale to the public. Nowadays, anyone can purchase a camera, and San Diego photo booth rentals make a great addition to virtually any event. Choosing to rent a photo booth is a great way for a host or planner to add a fun and unique element to their wedding, corporate event, or party. And, because they might be more financially practical than the photo booths for sale, San Diego photo booth rentals can be an excellent option.

Loosely translated as painting with light, the word photography comes from the Greek. While early photography might have been grainy and unclear, the San Diego photo booth rentals will use the most advanced technology to take several high quality shots in just a matter of minutes. George Eastman developed roll film for Kodak, spurring the development of small and less expensive cameras for the middle class. Today, anybody can purchase a camera or head to a great event and find San Diego photo booth rentals that allow them to take some great photos with close friends or family.

The surface of the moon is now the host of 12 Hasselblad cameras that were left there after moon landings to allow for the weight of lunar rocks. While San Diego photo booth rentals are not likely to enter space any time soon, they can help make parties and other events much more memorable. In fact, many San Diego photo booth rentals can actually connect to social media accounts to let partiers share their fun times right away.