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Archive for June 18, 2013

Avoid Getting Sick from a Dirty Carpet

Written by admin. Posted in Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaner

If you think that your carpets do not need a professional cleaning every once in awhile, you might be curious to know a few interesting facts. For example, did you know that 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust? It sounds like that is quite a bit. Are you rethinking your decision to avoid professional carpet cleaning services yet?

The Norwalk virus or Norovirus, the virus that can cause stomach flu, has the ability to live on an uncleaned carpet for almost an entire month. Having the ability to take more precautions to prevent getting sick is important when you want to take care of your family.

When they do not get a professional carpet cleaner home owners might be one of people that lets pounds of dirt accumulate under the carpet over the course of a year. Yes, this can actually happen.

Bed bugs do not only live on beds, although they might prefer them. By getting a carpet cleaning home owners can prevent bed bugs from living on their carpets and occasionally, they live on hardwood floors as well. They move extremely fast and they are resilient enough to clime one hundred feet for a meal.

When they are using a professional carpet cleaning company home owners should make sure that their carpet cleaners are not using a concentrated form of a carpet cleaning chemical called Naphthalene. When this chemical is concentrated it can be very toxic to infants, children and pets. By using knowledgeable and professional services for carpet cleaning, home owners can make sure their carpets are toxin free and that their family will be safe at home.
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Improve Your Presence on Search Engines to Help Your Business Grow

Written by admin. Posted in Portland seo, Seo in portland

Seo marketing portland

There are many ways that businesses can make sure that their Portland SEO campaign is managed properly and successful. One of them is by monitoring the organic search engine click through rate, which helps measure user interaction and engagement online. In addition, companies might want to optimize their site for mobile use in order to cater to consumers who do their online shopping while on the go and help boost local SEO success. These strategies can be vital for any business who wants to make sure that their Portland SEO is as effective as possible. In the competitive business environment of today, increasing visibility and getting seen by as many customers as possible can be vital to success. So using every tool that makes SEO marketing in Portland more effective is a good idea.

Many companies, especially small businesses, might consider outsourcing Portland SEO work so that they can remain flexible with their in house resources. Though some are fortunate enough to be able to handle any SEO marketing Portland businesses need in house, others will find that working with experts is the only way to make their SEO campaigns successful. One of the challenges of Portland SEO is finding room to handle all of the daily tasks and rigors of a campaign, but that can cause other areas to take a hit. But by partnering with a SEO firm, businesses will be able to make sure that they receive high quality Seo in portland, and have the time needed to focus on other important areas, like sales and customer service, as well.

In some cases, an organic Portland seo campaign can be supplemented nicely by a PPC program. By using PPC, businesses will only have to pay for the advertisement when a user clicks on the add. This can not only help companies save money on their marketing campaign, but it also increases the amount of links that they can have on results pages. These benefits make PPC a great addition to a Portland SEO strategy, and, if done in collaboration with a new web design Portland businesses can see much more success.

Though Portland SEO can be quite helpful to businesses looking expand, it is not the only strategy that they should use. Though Portland SEO does well to increase visibility, it does not necessarily open communication between businesses and consumers, so developing a social media presence as well can be beneficial. 92 percent of Twitter retweets occur because content was relevant or engaging, and when people “like” a brand on Facebook, it is generally either because they are already a customer or are looking for discounts and deals. Executing strategies that take advantage of these trends and coupling them with a Portland SEO can help any business build the larger customer base they need for growth. Read more: