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Archive for June 28, 2013

Have You Considered Health Spending Accounts for Your Business?

Written by admin. Posted in Health spending account, Tax tips canada, Tax tips small business

Cra health spending account

Small business owners all over the globe scratch their heads when they have to figure out the best way to provide medical coverage to their employees, and Canada is no exception. It’s said taht 60 percent of Canadian employers are concerned about the quality of the health plans they’re offering their employees. Even though 91 percent of Canadians are reported to favor their country’s health care policies over those of the United States, there’s still some gray area when it comes to the best way for employers to provide their employees with affordable and practical small business health benefits care plans.

Among the most popular small business health insurance plans is to provide employees with a health spending account CRA. A health spending account (or HSA) is a group benefit pr