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Archive for November 4, 2013

File For Bankruptcy Here

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Sterling heights bankruptcy attorneys

Financial difficulty is common for a large number of people, and even more surprising is that the bankruptcy rate in the country is one out of every seven households. Shocking? Not to residents of one state, where Chapter 7 accounted for 84% of the state’s filing for an entire year. With those numbers, bankruptcy attorneys have their hands full.

The notion that only those who are less educated are prone to bankruptcy is largely untrue based on the fact that more than 27% of those who file for bankruptcy hold a bachelor’s degree. Before making any decisions about filing for bankruptcy, be sure to consult a bankruptcy attorney to see if it is the solution for your financial difficulties. It might not be the right way for you to go.

So why file bankruptcy at all? Many people consider it

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Linear and a Flange Bearing?

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Cotter pins

Do you realize just how helpful linear bearings can be? Or what about flange bearings or tapered roller bearings? Bearings, in general, are simple little pieces of metal that, when used in just the right way, make many a manufacturing process that much simpler and more convenient.

They can be a part of some more complex pieces of a machine, such as grease fittings, or hydraulic cylinders, or they can be standalone. Either way, they are convenient little pieces of technology that make our lives so much easier thanks to their implementation.

  • Linear Bearings (and more!)
  • You have two options when it comes to linear bearings, both of which have their benefits.

    Linear Ball Bearing