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Glass Repairs Available for Everything from Windshields to Home Windows to Commercial Windows

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Glass windshield repair

Protecting an investment is an essential responsibility of any person who owns something valuable. Some of the biggest investments that people make in their lives are in automobiles and homes. In many cases, people will also own business, which is usually an even bigger investment. In the event that something occurs that causes damage to any of these investments, it is in the best interest of the owner to repair or restore the damaged area in order to maintain the value of the asset. Damages to glass can greatly affect both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of homes, commercial buildings, and automobiles. In the state of Arizona, Phoenix glass repair companies can offer services such as residential glass replacements and auto glass repair services.

In 1903, an Alabama woman named Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper after noticing the poor visibility during a streetcar ride in New York City. In the United Kingdom, windshields are commonly known as “windscreens.” Automotive windshield repair companies recommend replacing a windshield if a crack touches the edge of a windshield or if it is over 6 inches long.

The Old Norse word ‘vindauga’ which is loosely translated as “wind eye” is credited as being where the word window originates from. Fixed, single-hung sash, double-hung sash, and horizontal sliding sash and casement are among the most common types of windows. For services such as windshield repairs and replacements and residential glass replacements, individuals can contact various Arizona auto glass and residential glass repair companies.

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