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What Matters in Internet Marketing

Written by admin. Posted in Internet marketing chicago, Internet marketing solutions, Social media package

Seo marketing

Complete internet marketing solutions are multifaceted, incorporating search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, web design, pay-per-click advertising, and more. However, many small businesses find themselves unable to afford complete internet marketing solutions. If you’re in the position, there are to major areas on which you can focus until you’re in a better position to afford online marketing services.

Web Design

There is very little point in getting the word out about your business online if you don’t have a quality website to which you can direct users. Yes, it will probably cost a little more than you would like to spend, but the ROI is high. Users will quickly abandon websites that don’t look professional or high quality, and there’s no profit to be made from a bad impression. If you believe nothing else in this article, believe this: people WILL look for you online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the key to being found online. It’s about creating an excellent user experience on your website and basically being rewarded for higher rankings on search engines for keywords relevant to your site. SEO has been rated by 34% of marketers as “very effective,” making it the most highly rated lead generation tactic and one of the most popular internet marketing solutions. These SEO techniques will help you get your site set up with the SEO basics before you call in the professionals.

  1. Build a strong foundation. Links, paid search, and social media don’t mean a thing without solid content, information architecture, content management systems, and infrastructure. Make sure your site has substance before you start trying to market it.
  2. Know what search engines want. They determine relevance by assessing these things:
    • Content: Search engines look at theme, text, titles, and descriptions.
    • Performance: They want fast, functional sites.
    • Authority: You’ll get precedence if your content is high quality or if other authoritative sites link or reference your site.
    • User experience: If your site looks nice, safe, and easily navigable, it will be given preference.
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  3. Know what to avoid. You’ll be penalized for trying to game the system. Avoid overuse of keywords, buying links, and filling your site with so many ads and distractions that user experience suffers.
  4. Keep your business model in mind. Focus on your goals before starting an SEO campaign. Define terms like “conversion,” decide whether you’re more interested in impressions or clicks, define your goals, and be aware of your assets and liabilities.
  5. Be smart about domain names. Where possible, choose sub-directory root domains instead of sub-domains. Other good ideas are to use keywords in your URL and to background check any newly purchased domains for shady activity in the past.
  6. Remember mobile. Internet marketing solutions should incorporate desktop and mobile users. Have a responsive site, and avoid Flash when possible.
  7. These precursors to implementation of internet marketing solutions will help you get the best results from your SEO campaign. If you’re serious about driving traffic to your site, there is no better way than through SEO. It might take a while, but it’s well worth the investment. Good references here.

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