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Archive for May 6, 2013


Written by admin. Posted in Child care in trumbull ct, Day are in ct, Day care centers in ct

Childcare ct

There comes a time when a parent has to make a decision about daycare. Often, the job is calling you back, and you want to make the best decision on what to do for the child and the rest of the family.

In western Connecticut, there are facilities available for child care in Monroe CT, child care in trumbull ct, and if you commute into the Big Apple, daycare in Peekskill NY is close to I84.

There are good reasons to consider daycares in CT. First, a daycare is a window on the rest of a child’s life. Research shows that young children are more able to absorb new things than at any other times in their lives. Daycares in CT provide that window.

Many daycares in CT do more than take care your children: they provide valuable training in cooperation and getting ready for school. It is important that children learn to be self sufficient, able to clothe themselves, and get themselves ready for the day.

You may wish to send your child to a preschool in Monroe CT, preschool in Trumbull CT or preschool in Peekskill NY. Many daycares in CT offer readiness, preschool programming. And these are especially important. A study of low income Chicago kids showed those who attended preschool were 28 percent more likely to get in trouble or use drugs.

Daycares in CT know that kids who get a quality preschool or an effective early childhood education are going to be more successful in life: they will earn more than those who didn’t go to preschool, and be much more likely to own their own homes. Helpful links.