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What You Need to Know about Asperger’s Syndrome

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While most people have heard of Asperger’s syndrome, few people understand exactly what it is. Named for Hans Asperger, an Austrian doctor who first described the disorder, Asperger’s syndrome is a type of pervasive developmental disorder. Pervasive developmental disorders are a group of conditions that cause delays in the normal development of many basic skills, particularly those dealing with the ability to socialize, communicate, and use imagination.

While many people conflate Asperger’s syndrome with Autism, another type of pervasive developmental disorder, the two are actually distinct disorders. The symptoms of Asperger’s includes problems with social skills and communication difficulties, eccentric or repetitive behaviors, unusual preoccupations, limited range of interests, and lack of coordination. However, people with Asperger’s tend to have normal intelligence and close to normal language development. In addition, many people with Asperger’s possess exceptional talents, particularly in areas like music or math.

It is not known what causes Asperger’s syndrome. However, research suggests that it may be genetic. Because of the recent recognition of Asperger’s syndrome it is not known exactly how come it is. As a result, there are wildly different estimates, ranging from one in every 250 children to one in every 10,00 children. However, it is likely to be diagnosed between the ages of two to six years old. Research also suggests that children with Asperger’s are at risk for developing other disorders such as ADHD.

Because of the unique needs that children with Asperger’s have, many parents with kids who have Asperger’s prefer to send them to special Aspergers schools. Aspergers schools give children a chance to be in an environment where teachers are trained to deal with the particular needs of children with Asperger’s syndrome. If you are the parent of a child with Aspergers, and you cannot find a school for Aspergers near you, then perhaps you can look for schools for ADHD or schools for dyslexia.

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